About Kente

Kente is the name given to a distinctively patterned, handwoven strip of cloth made by the Akan people of West Africa. The country of Ghana — once known as Gold Coast — is the primary producer of kente cloth today, and from various regions of the country come different styles of cloth, namely, Ashanti kente from the central Kumasi area, and Ewe kente from the eastern Volta region.

Each strip of kente is woven entirely by hand on individual strip looms in a tradition that dates back hundreds of years. Everything you see on a kente - the stripes, letters, symbols, and patterns - is woven into the strip by hand as it is made. Individual strips can be sewn together along their edge to form larger pieces of cloth, known as Woman's or Men's Cloths, which are still worn today in Ghana as a garment wrapped around the body.

About Satin

Satin Stoles are custom made for each order. After the information is given to us, we cut the satin and embroider the satin with all of the customizations. We then sew it together and press/iron the stole before shipping it out to you. What sets our stoles to higher standards is that all embroidery is done before sewing the stole together, leaving the back of the stole with a clean satin finish. 

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