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About Us

Welcome to the online home of Greek Divine and More!

We are a family-owned business that sells apparel and products for Greek-letter organizations. In other words, it is our goal to be your number one source for all things Greek! Spearheaded by a mother-daughter duo, GDM has become a growing presence within the greek community of not only Gainesville, but for organizations all over the state and nationwide. We’ll even come to you, the customer, at annual conventions, step shows and other greek-affiliated events. 

In 2002, Madelaine Lasa purchased King’s Kraft and turned her life-long hobby of sewing into a career. In mid-2004, Madeleine's daughter, Marlene Lasa, graduated from the University of Central Florida and decided to join the business. In 2006, the two rebranded King’s Kraft into what is known today as Greek Divine and More. A couple of years later, they purchased Strictly Embroidery, which would become the center of production for GDM’s retail storefront and members of the community seeking embroidery services  such as company logo polos, monogram backpacks and personalized blankets. For more information on us and our businesses, check us out in the Gainesville Sun!

We enjoy maintaining a relationship with our customers, many of whom have become part of our family. With that in mind, we have many avenues in which you can interact with us online as we get to know you as a customer. Follow us and stay posted! In our mission to keep our customers satisfied and engaged, we host various giveaways across our social media and announce the arrival of new products. Or you could come to our storefront and chat with us!