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GDM Brand Ambassadors


Greek Divine is looking for Brand Ambassadors to help us be more of a presence on UF's campus.

We want to serve the Greek Life community the best way we possibly can and we need you to do it!

Fill out the application here! https://forms.gle/jFuXrqFQMhJd5gGP8


  • Outgoing, engaging and fun personalities
  • Responsible and has a good understanding of customer service
  • Professional and a team player
  • Knowledge of all Greek Life, and willing to learn more
  • Willing to promote and represent Greek Life in a positive light
  • Willing to go to Greek events (i.e. probates, FISS, showcases, fundraisers, house calls, tabling opportunities) to represent Greek Divine to attract new customers and thank loyal customers
  • Can dedicate at least 2-6 hours a month

Ambassadors will...

  • Attend Greek events and pass out flyers and coupons
  • Help sell at Greek events and showcase products
  • Announce the arrival of new products or promote group orders during big/little and probate seasons (i.e. house calls, attend Greek leader meetings, etc.)
  • Organize events to promote sales
  • Assist with collecting information that will help create new products
  • Help Greek Divine co-sponsor and collaborate with more Greek organizations
  • Post on your Instagram and Facebook story occasionally

Perks (Based on store's commission)

  • Employee Tee
  • Employee Discount Card
  • First look at new or exclusive items


We hope to expand to other schools and chapters eventually. At the moment our brand ambassador program is reserved for the University of Florida only.