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Through the Seasons Bundle!

Regular price $ 60.00

Click Here for Twill Colors

This Bundle will take your through all the Seasons as you can show your Pride in the Summer with a Tee, Fall and Spring with a Long Sleeve or in the Winter with a Hoodie.

Only Fill in the Garment Portion you are purchasing. The garments will include your organization mascot/flower/Hand Sign see below:

Lambda Theta Alpha: Concha                                  Lambda Theta Phi: Hand Sign

Sigma Lambda Gamma: Rose                                    Sigma Lambda Beta: Stallion

Chi Upsilon Sigma: Hibiscus                                        Alpha Phi Alpha: Hand Sign

Theta Nu Xi: Butterfly                                         Lambda Upsilon Lambda: Symbol

Zeta Phi Beta: Rose                                                              Delta Epsilon Psi: Lion

Sigma Gamma Rho: Poodle                                      Omega Psi Phi: Omega/Man 

Delta Phi Lambda: Butterfly                                               Iota Phi Theta: Centaur

If you do not see your organization that is ok enter it in the box and one of our reps will contact you regarding the symbol you would like to use.