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Terms and Conditions

While some of the following terms and conditions are scattered throughout the website, we have consolidated them here for clarity.


1. All website custom orders must be paid in full at the time of order.  Depending on where we are in the process of your order, a partial refund may be possible.

2. We do not start any work until payment has been received.  This means nothing will be ordered nor will any design work be done.

3. We accept all major credit cards, U.S. money orders and Cashiers Checks drawn against U.S. Banks.

4. We do not accept electronic payments. 

5. We do not accept personal checks.

6.  For group orders, we must have a single payment and a single contact. This means that one person must collect all funds and pay by one of the methods outlined above.  

7. We do not ship or release any order until full payment has been received by one of the methods outlined above.  For group orders, payment for the entire order must be received before the order will be released or shipped.

8. We do  not ship outside of the United States and Canada except for APO/FPO.

9. We do not ship COD (cash on delivery).

10. All orders must be verified in writing.  If you call in an order, please provide us with a fax number or e-mail ID so that we can verify your order.

11. All changes to or cancellation of orders must be verified in writing.  If you call us with a change or cancellation request, you must follow-up with a fax or e-mail otherwise the request will not take effect.  For group orders, only the group contact is authorized to make changes to or to cancel an order.

12.  When you place your order, we provide you with an estimated completion date and try our best to make that date.  Because all aspects of your order are not within our control, we cannot guarantee delivery dates.

13. If your order is needed prior to our estimated completion date, we may apply a rush fee of $30 minimum to your order.  Also, we may apply rush charges from manufacturers to obtain the materials to complete your order.  If necessary, additional shipping charges over and above standard ground rates may be applicable (i.e. Overnight shipping).

14. If your order is received and is NOT per the written order verification, please contact us immediately. When authorized, you may return the item to us for correction or replacement. We will make the correction or replacement at no additional charge to you and we will compensate you for any shipping charges that you incur.  However, no additional compensation will be made due to receipt of the replacement or corrected item after the original estimated completion date.

15. If your order is received and is per the written order verification, the item may be returned to us for correction or replacement at our discretion. You will be responsible for any charges for shipping and any additional charges for correction or replacement of the item.

16. Fabrics and threads vary by manufacturer, manufacturing lot and dye lot. The colors that you see on our website are approximations and are not guaranteed to be the exact color of the item.  While we strive to achieve consistency in our product line, we cannot guarantee color variations will not occur.

17. Sizes and construction techniques vary by manufacturer, manufacturing lot and dye lot.  The measurements that you see on our website are approximations made by the manufacturer. The recommendations that we make are made from our experience.  While we strive to achieve consistency in our product line, we cannot guarantee that a given garment will fit you suitably unless you have tried it on.

18. Orders for anyone found to be an ILLEGAL member of an organization will be canceled immediately without refund.  The National, Regional, and/or Local representative of the organization in question may be contacted to report this infringement.

19. By placing an order, you warrant that you have the right to use the artwork, logos, design, etc., that you have requested in your order.  Additionally, you warrant that you shall defend, indemnify, and hold harmless Lasa and Associates, Inc., its managers, members, employees, and agents against any claims for damages and costs, including but not limited to attorney's fees and costs, in any cause of action, including but not limited to an infringement action, as a result of embroidery, applied lettering, and/or printing of the requested artwork, logos, design, etc. 

20.  At our discretion, Lasa and Associates, Inc. reserves the right to refuse service.

21.  All prices are subject to change and apply only to website orders.